Archive | February 20, 2009

taking for granted

make_islam as a way of lifeAssalamualaikum w.b.

Someone commented on my writing (my cik ‘abang’lah tu), saying that it is too long…. is it? So I thought, for a change, today I’d like to simplify things as much as I could and as comfortable as I can feel… I might end up using my old style back, or who knows this way is much easier.

Ana tanya kita semua satu soalan, yang bagi ana memang crucial, tapi kita selalu terlepas pandang.
Why do we always take our spouse for granted?, sorry, soalan ni sesuai untuk yang sudah berpasangan, bagi yang belum, take it as something to be learned about. When your time comes, don’t make the same mistake as others did.

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